Saturday smile

If you didn’t think he was cute before, this will change your mind. He’s so dang cute.Can I teach Emmettt to dance like that? Notice his cute back-up singers-Four Seasons style, and the little munchkins dancing! Oh! Awesome…enjoy!

Can’t get the video to load, so here’s the link.

Other things making me smile today:

  • Talking to Pitt and Emmo on the phone.  You see, I’m in Las Vegas with my sisters and Mom for a Christmas shopping and sugar binge.  Pitt said he cuddled the phone when I talked to him. Oh I miss that lil guy, and the big guy too!
  • Being in Las Vegas sunshine, 63 degrees!
  • Washing my *short* hair today and realizing how much shampoo I’m going to save. Short hair is very economical or green, if you will.

Have a great Saturday everyone, get your Christmas shopping done so you can just enjoy the rest of December. That’s my goal. Sorry about the CC bill honey 🙂


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