One is fun!

Emmett’s real birthday is not until Thursday, but we already had a party. He crashed pretty hard and made his front teeth bleed so that put a damper on the night. He was pretty miserable to tell you the truth, but the show must go on. So we opened presents and fed him cake anyway.

Here’s my sweet little ONE-YEAR old!! Oh, how I love him!!

Yes, that’s blood on his shirt. It was really hard to see him bleeding and crying for the first time. Pitt’s dad said that it never gets any easier.

SO this is kinda how it went…

Mama…Why are you walking away from me, can’t you see from the blood-tinged drool that I need you?!

He didn’t even notice the cake until Pitt gave him a lick…

Oh, what is that….sugar? It makes me feel happy.

He timidly used one finger to dip into the cake. It was so sweet.

I’m going to give him another try on his real birthday, so check back for more. Oh, and the final picture with his grow bear!


2 responses to “One is fun!

  • Ginna

    Looks like so much fun. Our party experience was pretty similar. Owen started throwing up about an hours before the party began, but as you said “the show must go on.” He was pretty overwhelmed with all the attention started crying when we tried to make him tear into the cake. I hope round 2 with the cake is a success. Good Luck! Happy Birthday Emmett!

  • Ade

    He’s so cute-tears, blood and all! I’m sorry I missed it…things were pretty crazy around here all weekend.

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