Not The Grand, but still fun!

We got scared out of our Grand Teton triumph by the weather–good thing because we watched it via the internet and it was crazy up there…lots of lightning and temps in the 30s with snow in places. I’m glad we didn’t try to go, I know I would not have made it. We were all packed and everything and had the time off, and had a babysitter-thanks mom!, so the group still decided to go on an adventure. Bad weather was everywhere, but we found a little spot of good weather at City of Rocks. It was a very cool place to go. It was just one, giant playground for us! It’s only a 2 hour drive from Logan, where we dropped off Emmo and we were off! It it a rock climber’s mecca and we saw license plates from as far away as Florida. So the 6 of us, me, Pitt, our friend Dave, my bro Mike and his friend Gordo, and my dad Scott. The highlight was climbing Steinfell’s Dome, a 7 pitch intermediate climb ascending 650 feet to the peak where the view of the area was breathtaking!

We’re going for The Grand over Labor Day, so the countdown is on again. I really hope the weather cooperates this time. If not, I would gladly go back to City of Rocks. It’s close enough even to go for the day…you should check it out. I highly recommend it, even if you don’t rock climb (I barely do). Here’s another fun route we all climbed.

The whole group at the top!


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