The countdown is on! In 10 days we will be on our way up the Grand Teton (yeah, it’s the big one in the middle!). I’m having a little anxiety attack thinking about it right now.

For some ropes practice we headed up Logan Canyon and climbed Preston Pinnacle.

Pitt belaying Scott (my dad)

At the top!

Also for “training” I took Emmett on a little hike, just the 2 of us. We had a blast!

Emmo’s latest: standing up in the crib. He can barely reach that top bar to help pull himself up. He’s such a climber and SO tough!


One response to “Training

  • Ade

    I envy you and your hiking abilities. I start breathing heavy just thinking about going on a hike. Remember that time I tried to hike to the windcaves and couldn’t make it? The SV boys had to carry me up there. Haven’t tried a hike since. Too mortifying. Haha! I think I must have asthma. Or I’m lazy. Or both. 😉 Are just you and Pitt doing Teton?

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