Huntsman Cancer Hopsital Relay for Life

I just got back from the High Five HCH Team meeting and I’m all fired up! A group of us at work made a team for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life being held in Salt Lake City. It’s kind of a competition to see who can raise the most money and our team is in 2nd place for our Relay!! Way to go! I’m amazed and impressed with the fundraising that has happened by my colleagues already and I haven’t even gotten started. Well, I hope to get you fired up as well and help me make some much-needed moolah for the ACS and their fight against cancer!

As most of you know, I am an oncology nurse. I LOVE LOVE my job and feel so fortunate to have the chance to meet and take care of the families that come to Huntsman for their treatment. I have been able to make some great friends that have really touched my life. Cancer is ugly and it is out there. I know each of you reading this has been effected by cancer in one way or another. I know I sure have. I have lost family and friends to it. I just want to fight back! Because I’m in the hospital I get to see the direct effects of new cancer research. There are many treatments just getting started that are working for people!

There are a couple ways to help out here:

#1: Donate-any and all amounts! My goal is to raise $100

#2: Buy a Luminaria-Only $10! You can purchase one in honor of a loved one. The night of the relay, the track will be lit up with luminaria.                                             I have one reserved in memory of my friend/patient Michelle.

#3: Join the team-Want to be more involved? Join my team and help us raise money and join us the night of the event (Aug 6-7th).


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