Sleep Training: Night 1

Emmett is 7 months old now. And for the past 2 months he has been waking up twice every night! First around 12:30 or 1 and then again at 4-ish. He gets so fired up he will not take a pacifier and has to have us walk him around the house or feed him to calm him down. We know he’s not starving because usually after just a minute or two, he stops eating and arches his back showing that he wants to lay back down. Let sleep training begin! So last night we put him in the playpen downstairs and we slept upstairs to see if we could resist picking him up. He awoke at 2:24 and fell back asleep at 3:09-45 minutes of crying! I think that’s pretty typical for the first night. We’ll see how it goes again tonight. Babies are so forgiving. By the time I saw his cute little face this AM-he smiled and I knew he has forgotten the whole thing. We love our Buddy Bear!


3 responses to “Sleep Training: Night 1

  • Camille Pedersen

    I so remember doing this same thing with Noah.. after months of waking up with him night after night, we tried to let him cry it out. One night of crying for only 30 minutes, and we were golden. So worth that 30 minutes of crying!! Hope Emmett is as easy as that. Sleeping all night long is so so nice! Good luck!

  • Krista

    Keep it up! I let me babies cry it out too and it’s so worth it. And you’re right, they are very forgiving.

  • Amy

    Oh man, sleep training is not fun, but it’s also surprisingly easy (at least I think it was). You can do it!

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