Had another busy weekend. I always want to catch up on my sleep over the weekend because of my night shift, but lately we’ve been on the run so by Monday morning I’m needing a re-charge again. This weekend we went up to Logan for a baby shower for sis Jenn, whose baby girl is due July 6th. It was fun not to be the pregnant one! And I made the BEST chocolate chip cookies…I’ll share the recipe next time. Pitt is loving his new job at Petzl, especially the fact that he has weekends and holidays off. It has been a great change for him…and US! I planted a (very small) garden…tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, red pepper, and yellow pepper. We’ll see how it goes, last year was a bumper crop of tomatoes, so I hope they do just as well again. Emmett is just as darling as ever. He went to the pediatrician and got some shots and weighed in at 15 lbs. 5 oz. (3%) and is 27.5 inches (59%) tall and skinny. He is SO close to crawling. I guess we will need to baby-proof soon…bummer.

I LOVE my Emmett!!

Stunned Western Tanager after it hit our window. That is one handsome bird.

The Meridian crew on Memorial Day. We had so much fun hanging out with friends and family over the holiday!

These cousins just love each other so much! Loren love reading to Emmett (if there are no words, she makes them up!) If you notice from the shirts…their family is about to get a little bigger. Mary announced she is pregnant and we are so excited for her and her family!

Playing on the floor! I love hearing all their giggles, just brings a smile to my face!


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  • Hilary

    Pitt got a new job? Congrats! That’s awesome. And Emmett is SO CUTE!

  • Julia

    Emmett is such a doll! Good luck with baby proofing the house- it is amazing the things kids can get into. We had a Western Tangier run into one of our windows too. He was not as fortunate as your bird- we had to bury him in the backyard.

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