We’re so gourmet!

We just had our 5 year anniversary! We were really excited to celebrate. We’ve had some amazing anniversaries… #1 we were in Japan, #2 Mexico, #3 New York City,  and #4 Switzerland. And this year for big #5, we embarked on our biggest adventure yet…parenthood! With a 6-month old, most of our travel/fun money is going to saving for college or something like that…needless to say a trip to Tahiti for our anniversary will have to wait. So, we had a traditional date night, which is something new parents truly need every once in a while. Did I say traditional? I didn’t mean that, we did something we have never done before and hope to try again…a gourmet cooking class at Sur La Table. Here was our menu: Olive Crostini on a fresh baguette, Crab Bisque, Mushroom Risotto, Pork Roulade, and Chocolate Souffle. There were 8 of us in the class with Chef Kyle. He taught us some knife techniques as we prepared all our ingredients and then we helped create a beautiful dinner. Every dish was wonderful and delicious. I spent 30 minutes at the stove stirring the risotto ( and starting a towel on fire!!) as Pitt sliced the pork tenderloin and spread fig roulade then bundled it up to sear on the stove. The other people in the group did the other dishes. We had a good time and it was a fun and different date idea. I put my coat on yesterday that I wore to the class and it still had the kitchen scents on it…mostly garlic!

I love this guy!

Chocolate Souffle


4 responses to “We’re so gourmet!

  • Michelle

    What a fun date idea! That chocolate souffle looks amazing. Congrats on the big 5!

  • Caitlyn

    Wow, that is quite the list of anniversary get aways. You better start planning for next year. Looks like a good time, but you can never go wrong with good food.

  • Amanda

    Very awesome idea!! Happy 5!!

  • Claire

    Happy 5 years!! You guys make a cute couple! And I like your outfit you wore Bek 🙂 Now that it’s been 5 years I think I’m finally getting used to my 2 HS friends being married to each other 🙂 It’s great! Sounds like a fun date night! Maybe Tahiti for the 25 year one or something? 🙂

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