A dream come true

Leave it up to Disney and magical moments are always happening! While at Disneyland our group got to be the Grand Marshals for the parade on Main Street USA! Mary and Eric are the ones to thank here. While walking through the park, they were approached by some cast members who invited them to be in the parade and they signed us up! We had to sign a waiver, then we went backstage and got all ready for the parade. Aunt Toni, Bill, me, Pitt, Mary, Eric and their kids Loren and Logan piled into the Grand Marshal car (which has Mickey Mouse tread on the tires) and waved and smiled our hearts out. It was the Volunteer Cavalcade Parade and had about 10 other people in it who were also “VountEARS.” It was fun to visit with a couple of them and hear about their volunteer experiences. I was sitting by Aunt Toni who was just laughing and smiling, she couldn’t believe all the people that were taking our picture! I loved every minute of it! It was a blast! Duke, Betsy, Jim and Jen were in the crowd so we got to wave at them too! I didn’t include this very exciting news in my post about our California trip because I think it deserves its very own post.  Where’s Emmo? My saint-of-a-mother-in-law Patty took him home for us just before this. She also rode with him asleep on her lap on the train for a solid hour. Thanks Patty!

Getting pumped for the parade

Our Grand Marshal car. Notice the tread…hidden Mickeys!

Look…some of them are waving back!

The view fro the float and Bob our driver.

Logan, Mary, Pitt, Lolo and Eric

Aunt Toni and her brother Billy

All the parade stars!


2 responses to “A dream come true

  • Mary

    I know that you have had a LOT of great Disney experiences in your life and I have had a few too – but this, hands down, was the best Disney Experience of my LIFE! I am so glad I got to share it with you and all of these fun guys!

  • Claire

    Wow, that’s SO awesome!! I still love that you worked at Disneyworld for a summer even after you had a nursing license…is that right? You should be like a Disney spokesperson one day.
    Remember when you played Belle in our lip sync when we were beehives? There was no question there who would be Belle 🙂
    I am glad Pitt seems to love Disney as much as you 🙂

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