Our California Trip

We started our trip right, displaying this sign the whole way down. We rented a 12-passenger van to ride with The Jensen’s (Pitt’s sis), Patty (Pitt’s mom), and Duke (Pitt’s bro). It was not as bad as we all thought it would be, but I wasn’t driving. I got to look at this the whole 11 hours:

Our first day there, our little family opted for some beach and mall time. Emmo and I took the stroller and watched Pitt surf at Newport Beach. It was a little windy, but Emmett didn’t mind once he was bundled up in the beach towels. I loved it! Pushed him around for about an hour, then lounged in my beach chair with a good book. Pitt and I also got in a great game of catch with our favorite aerobie!

Here we are a Huntington Beach. As you can see, Emmett loved the cold water…heh heh.

I don’t blame him because I could barely stand to get my feet wet too!

Here’s a picture of the kids flying kites. Oh man, they LOVED it!!

Logan, Loren, Carson and Parker

Cute Carson on his #6 birthday. This awesome boy is Pitt’s cousin’s son. He is a transplant from Minnesota…all the cousins are transplants from the midwest. And they all LOVE California! Carson played harder at the beach than anyone else there! And he gave us all very good advice, never turn your back on the ocean. (The minute I did, I got all wet!)


Here’s (almost) the whole crew! Oops…we got cut off. But don’t blame the cameraman, our camera broke temporarily so this is off our video camera, who’s photo function is hard to get used to. The Disney cast member that took this was actually Awesome! He positioned everyone, got our sunglasses off and drinks out of our hands, all the while making jokes and smiling. He has my dream job!

We took Emmett on 2 rides, Small World and Space Mountain…jk, it was The train.

Here he is in Small World, check out those baby blues taking everything in! He loved it, so did we!

The Jensen’s were the Disneyland energizer bunnies. They just never stopped!

Emmo got ears!! This is my attempt at a photo shoot. I guess Emmo wasn’t up for it. The poppies behind him were beautiful.

Everything in Southern California is blooming right now.

He loved sucking on the button they gave him at the entrance. It says 1st Visit. It totally kept him entertained all day and served another purpose–covering up the slobber from sucking on it.

As you can see, he loved Grandpa Bill’s button too! But it wasn’t Bill’s 1st Visit, his says Honorary VoluntEAR.

Remember that we got in FREE for volunteering!

Within 5 minutes of entering the park Mickey Mouse was waving to us, so we had to go introduce our baby to the Mouse, the myth, the legend!!

We love you Mickey!!

Grewe bedheads. Carson and Pitt had fun putting together his lego shark he got for his birthday.

The Pier at Balboa. Thanks to Patty for babysitting for a couple hours while the rest of us strolled around.

We even got to ride the ferris wheel!

All the family got together for the first-ever Norman Grewe Memorial Golf tournament. As I’m looking at my photos…or lack thereof I realize that I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the family surrounding us. First, my camera had issues and then it’s hard to hold a baby and take pictures at the same time.  Well, there were 10 families, 8 cousins, 5 grandkids, 26 people total for the family reunion. It was so much fun to visit them in California. I really hope we’ll be back very soon!!


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