Celebrity Sighting, Couponing, and Reminiscing

My friend Claire is trying to get me into couponing. She got me hook, line, and sinker when I saw the deals she got this week. Well, I spent about an hour finding and printing out the coupons and packed up the baby and headed off to Rite Aid to get me some cheap, cheap diapers. I guess I wasn’t the only one with this great idea because every item I had coupons for was gone. The shelves were completely empty. But the trip wasn’t Β a complete loss because I got to meet this guy!

…Ty Burrell who is “Phil” on Modern Family. He is undoubtedly a favorite character of the show. I also love Gloria and Cam. If you don’t know who or what I’m talking about you have to watch this show. It’s on ABC on Wednesday nights. The show right before it, The Middle, is also very funny and highly recommended to cure your mid-week slump. Forget the reality shows, sit-coms are where it’s at! So, back to my celebrity sighting….I was just cruising thru Rite Aid on a Wednesday afternoon. I think the only people in there were me, 2 LOLs and “Phil.” I recognized him instantly but just kept walking. Then I turned back around and basically stared at him for a minute while he was at the check stand buying an electric razor. Β At that point, I know he noticed me staring so I decided just to go talk to him. He was super nice. I just told him how much I loved the show and then he asked me about Emmett. He told me he has a 7-week old baby girl. I sympathized with him and his probable exhaustion, wished him well and that was it. It was very exciting! Here’s a clip of Phil so you can get to know him:

I ended up going to another Rite-Aid and finding some of the things I wanted: Β 2 Jumbo pack of Huggies, 2 packs of wipes, and baby wash for $12. Pretty good, I’d say. And this is completely unrelated but I got goosebumps while reminiscing about the Olympics. Read the Top 10 from Vancouver here. Good stuff!! I hope you all have a great start of the week!! Easter is coming and I love Easter…the colors, the decorations, the candy!!


7 responses to “Celebrity Sighting, Couponing, and Reminiscing

  • Julie M.

    So where do you get the good deals? I’m trying to start couponing better, and never seem to get the best stuff! And awesome to run into Ty! πŸ™‚

  • Brooke Pierce

    Becky, Hey this is Brooke Pierce. I found your blog and I hope you don’t mind that I am reading it. πŸ™‚ I have attached my blog too so feel free to visit. I LOVED Loved Loved the video clip that you posted! It sold me on watching the show. πŸ™‚ I can see why you were so excited to run into Ty. Good luck with the coupons!

  • Jeff

    Yo Pitt and Becky! I can’ t tell you how jealous I am that you got to meet “Phil Dunfy” my favorite character on my favorite show. Where was this!!!

  • Marie

    Ty is a Mets fan. Gotta love that! Claire is good isn’t she?! I’ve asked her for advice from time to time.

  • Lianna

    Oh my Gosh, Jeremy would die! He LOVES that show and laughs his head off everytime he watches it! lucky girl!! what was he doing at a SLC rite-aid?

  • Claire

    Glad you braved rite-aid and got some good dealS! Good job! Don’t forget to do your rebate? πŸ™‚ I went there again today and got some pampers for pretty cheap. Gotta love diaper deals! Call me anytime you want help. I hope you will.
    Oh, and ya, that guy still didn’t look familiar to me, but that show does look funny. I’ll have to start watching it. Why was he in utah?

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