Growth Tracker: 5 months

Emmett has all kinds of tricks. He starting to eat solid food, he talks a lot, blows bubbles, rolls from his stomach to his back, and is starting to play with toys. Now we just need to get him on some skis and our lives will be complete.

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3 responses to “Growth Tracker: 5 months

  • Claire

    He’s growing like a weed! That bear looks teeny now! I didn’t think he could look much more like Pitt, but he really does! Cute!

  • Ginna

    I can’t believe how big he is. He has grown so much next to that bear. I wish I would’ve done something like that for Owen, its such a good idea. It looks like you’ve sure got a fun one on your hands.

  • Caitlyn

    5 months! What a heartbreaker. Have fun supervising tonight, you better take a nap.

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