Growth Track: 4 months!


2 responses to “Growth Track: 4 months!

  • Kristin Draper

    Beckie! He is absolutely adorable!!! I LOVE his big eyes!!! I’m sure you’ve gotten advice from everyone but I had the same problem w my baby. I could only produce a 4 ounces a day. But we tried everything including nutramagen-and I agree, it not only tastes disgusting, it smells terrible!! The one that worked for Dallas was the Enfamil Gentlese. And…I owe you a big thanks for the lettuce wrap recipe!! It is AMAZING!! My family LOVES it!! I hope things start getting better and easier!! He’s so cute!!

  • errin

    Everett is growing up so fast!! He looks just like his dad in this picture. How fun! I bet he is getting a fun little personality!

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