Between the Olympics and my breastfeeding issues I haven’t made much time for blogging. Tonight I have time though because I am trying to stay up really late so that I can make it through my night shift tomorrow. I work every Thursday night and it kinda gives me anxiety. Especially this week because Emmett has been pretty needy lately. I feel like he could eat my shirt if I would give it to him. He seems very hungry and I’m just not able to meet his needs on my own and what I thought would be an easy solution has turned into a big problem. He seems to be allergic to formula! Uggh, so now all the pressure’s on me and my empty boobies. And I really want to write Enfamil a letter of complaint for even making formula that taste like the stuff I tried to feed him tonight (Nutramigen), no wonder he wouldn’t take it! It totally made me gag too, I feel bad for forcing down half an ounce.  Sometime between vaseline slathering sessions that need to happen three times a day or else he turns into a scaly lizard, we will conquer this obstacle too! Oh, and hopefully that happens in the next 16 hours because then I’m off to work leaving my hungry baby behind (too bad I can’t leave my boobies too)

Blogging about all that crap really wasn’t my goal tonight. These pretty pictures were…here are my Valentine Tulips, yes, I get them every year from my adorable husband.

Since I’m the photographer around here, I had to get one of me being a mommy 🙂

And here’s an action shot of Grandpa Scott holding Emmett Scott, he tended while I went to the Cache Valley Mall!

Woo-hoo, what a treat!

This is my favorite!!! Emmo’s first time in the bouncer, I think he quite enjoyed it (I know I did)!!

What a sweet little face, does he look famished or hungry to you?


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  • Julie M.

    Sorry about the woes. We finally figured out Howie needed rice. What a relief! He’s getting SO big! I love his little noggin. My kids all have hair…so I don’t get that! Oh…and we’re a scaly lizard too! If you find anything that does the trick, let me know!

  • Ruth Emmett

    I hear you on the empty boobies thing. I’m already having issues and Weston is only 6 weeks! Yikes. Breastfeeding is not the most enjoyable thing for me….and I guess some women just love it ?!?? Hang in there. Anyway, Emmett is a cutie!!!

  • Tori

    Sorry about the breastfeeding issues…I had those two around 6 mo and it’s hard! Sometimes I wish babies came with better instructions! ha ha!! Bergen had issues with formula too so finally we tried the soy kind (I think it stinks but now she loves it and it even having a hard time wanting regular milk now!) It will go by quick and before you know it he will be a year!!

  • Caitlyn

    Oh, the joys of breastfeeding. Hopefully it is just a growth spurt. Diem just barely gave into formula. We feel the same way about enfamil–disgusting. She takes the Costco kind which I hear is more similar to similac. We had to start with 5 oz boob juice to 1 oz formula and slowly decrease the milk and increase the formula. It took three weeks but now she takes straight formula like a champ.
    I missed seeing you last Thursday night, good luck tonight.

  • Suzie

    I will send out good thoughts for full boobies. Emmett is tooooooo cute! I love his sweet little face in the bouncer.

    p.s. I still want to see a pic of the owl mobile 🙂

  • Amanda

    Ahhh… Boob issues… Gotta love Boob issues… :o) You’ll get through it and then you’ll always remember you went through it… so the next time it happens, you’ll be reminded….. (This would sound better in person….dry humor I guess doesn’t work on the computer….) OK, sorry!! I hope you are doing better with his growth spurt… I have no words of wisdom for you…. Boob issues are always a “every mommy is different” type of a thing. Just think… when you think you are done having boob issues… you really aren’t… because then they deflate and then become an issue all over again….. Oh… we aren’t talking about that… ummm…. Sorry! Love ya!! ;o)

  • Ade

    OWL mobile??? So that’s the project! SHOW US!!!

    As for boobies…haha. You know my stand on it all.

  • Claire

    So sorry you’re having breastfeeding problems. But I’ve heard of a totally doable solution that you might as well give a try. Wendy’s chocolate frostees and A&W root beer. The yeast and the malt help boost your supply. It worked for my sister. She’d pumped 1/2 oz out of one side and within 24 hours of the frostee/root beer diet she pumped out 9 oz! It’s worth a try!! Good luck!! And no, he doesn’t look famished. Try not to stress. Hang in there. Call me anytime!

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