Love to love blogs:

So, just like my mom, I love the blog world. I’m afraid, however, that the blogs I know about are just the tip of the iceberg.Pitt started an outdoor blog in conjunction with his kayak school, so be sure to check this one out too! I love his title: Ridge Tops, River Bottoms. I just wanted to share some of the great blogs that I love to check out. I am SO glad I don’t have to plan a wedding…just because then I would be spending days and days clicking thru all the wedding blogs out there. I love checking out the wedding trends! These photographers are amazing and the details (and moolah $$$$) that go into these events just have my eyes dancing! Here are some links to a variety of blogs I love-photography, stationery, design, clothing, girl-power, weddings, projects and design. Did you know even the White House has a blog? Don’t let your blog die! Keep posting, I’m reading!! Go to any of these blogs and they have so many other blogs on their blogrolls that we will never be able to read them all. But I will die trying!


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