Wrap it up!

Everyone loves Lettuce Wraps right? I know I do! I love them the most from P.F Chang’s and California Pizza Kitchen. The first time I met Winston (my sister’s hubby) I was eating CPK lettuce wraps, they looked so good Winston asked to try some off my plate. That’s when I knew we would always be friends! I’m always eating off other people’s plates, so if Winston was ok with that, then I was ok with him marrying my only sister.

Well, why not save yourself $40 dollar bill at a restaurant and make them at home?! I tried this recipe last week and I loved it! I want to make them every week now. I thought they would be kinda tricky and take me forever in the kitchen, but seriously…15 minutes and we were ready to sit down to dinner. Oh so good! You have to try them! PS I don’t take pictures of my food, it never does it any justice.

Click here for the recipe I used. I did a few things different. I didn’t have rice wine vinegar, so I just used white vinegar. No hot mustard or sesame oil…no prob! I just put sesame seeds into the special sauce instead. And you can’t leave out the rice noodles! Sprinkle them on top of your wrap, they add such a good crunch. I hope you try and enjoy this easy meal.


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