New Year, New you!

That seems to be the catch phrase right now. Even though it is a week into the New Year, I’m finally getting around to making my resolutions. I find if I write them down and put them somewhere I can see them often, it really helps. I hang mine on the inside of my cereal cupboard.

  • Get back to my pre-baby weight…and then some. How? Exercise!
  • Sing in the shower. Why? I think it’s fun and I don’t do it enough.
  • Visit teach every month. Ready Kirsten?!
  • Learn something new…Photoshop perhaps.
  • Document life: journal, scrapbook, photos…etc.

There you have it! It is  now recorded for all to see. Good luck with your resolutions too! May this New Year bring much happiness and many opportunities for growth! And just for fun a picture of Emmett and Pitt, I caught them having a casual conversation one night before bed.


4 responses to “New Year, New you!

  • Amanda

    Photoshop is way fun! You’ll love it, and then you’ll be easily converted to digi scrapping…. much more fun than the paper way. :o) Cute picture by the way!

  • Debbie Raymond

    Good plans – all of them. And keep blogging.

  • Suzie

    I love this picture! I hope you do well on your resolutions, Good Luck!

  • Emily Boswlel

    Hi Beks!

    Glad to see you are doing well! Great new year resolutions. I like the singing in the shower one, I have resolved to sing more in my car it makes the commute so much better :). Good luck with the photoshop goal, I took an online graphic design course last year and learned photoshop, it was a lot of fun. Emmett is so adorable. You are pitt and emmett are a cute family! Happy New year!

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