Emmett’s Blessing Day

It was a very special Sunday for our family. I’ve been to many baby blessings and they are always uplifting, but nothing compares to seeing your own baby in white cradled in your husband’s arms surrounded by loving family and friends. The blessing Pitt gave him was beautiful and Pitt sounded so calm, even when Emmett cried out a couple times. My favorite moment is always when the circle disperses and the father holds up his baby to show off. Pitt did that and in that moment they both melted my heart. This little baby has brought so much gratitude to my heart. Every day he makes me smile (and sometimes, cry). He is so precious. I love to watch him wiggle, squirm, eat, sleep and make Pitt laugh. It was fun to have people over at our house afterwards. We are skipping our Christmas Party this year and so this little gathering took its place. Thanks to everyone who came and supported us. I love our ward and was proud to finally introduce our little guy to that loving ward family. It is fun to show the baby to the Primary kids and YW (the 2 groups I worked with this year). I think most of them forgot that I was ever pregnant, even though they asked me so many questions about it. So, when they see that I have a new baby it reminds them…Oh ya! She had a baby! They love looking at him. Little children are so genuine. Thanks to my Aunt Kimberly for the beautiful baby blanket that she hand knitted (or crocheted-I don’t know the difference, sorry).

Isn’t he handsome!


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