Some big introductions have happened lately for my baby. Emmett met Aunt Suzie and Uncle Winston in St. George a couple weeks ago. He will have so much fun with them! Between Suz’s relentless teasing and Winston’s constant jokes and laughing, it’s always entertaining. Thanks for coming to St. George to meet him!

That same weekend he got to meet my Grandparents-Evan and Jean, who are completely amazing! I could just see in their eyes how much they love him already! In fact, when Grandpa first picked him up Emmett burst into a big smile. Grandma loved holding him and kept saying “He is just so cute” and “What a doll!”

We also introduced Emmett to nature. We presented him Simba style at Snow Canyon. The red rocks in contrast to the beautiful blue sky were so amazing!

Pitt carried him in the Baby Bjorn and Emmett was fast asleep very quickly. We are so excited to share our love of the outdoors with our little boy, we couldn’t do it soon enough!


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