Today’s blog post is by Debbie Raymond, Becky’s mom. Debbie says: “Pictured is one of my favorite Mary Englebreit posters, and it expresses what is going on with Becky! The words on the poster say, This Woman Deserves a Party!” Now I wish we could be announcing that Becky has had her baby, but not quite yet. I guess the baby isn’t ready to make his appearance. He’s really quite comfortable right where he is! Maybe he can see that Becky is one of those cute pregnant girls (she looks a lot like the girl in the poster), so what’s the hurry! Maybe he knows that once he arrives he’ll have to learn to ski or kayak, so he wants to relax for a few more days.

Good luck Becky – hang in there. We’re all pushing for you. Oh, maybe not that exactly, but we’re all excited and nervous, and we’re sure cheering for you. And good luck Pitt – we know you’re anxious too. Let’s get this party started!”


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