Baby boom!

Lately we have been surrounded by new babies. I feel like every time we go to Logan, there is a new baby to visit! It all started with Sofie, 1st daughter of my cousin Craig and his wife Tiffany. She is 2 months old and a very sweet and happy baby. Love that tutu!!


Next my cousin Derek had his first child, Avrie. He and Nikki welcomed her 6 weeks ago. She is still trying to figure out when it’s day and when it’s night…and oh yeah, did I mention she is beautiful!


Here’s my BFF Mindy and her 3 week old baby Cash Daniel. He is a tiny little thing, born at 6 1/2 lbs. I can’t get enough of his cute little face!


And then just 2 weeks ago our good friends Spencer and Andee had their first, Mason. He is the perfect picture of a baby; soft hair, chubby cheeks and always has the hiccups.

DSCN3133So, as you can see we have a lot of babies to hang out with. I’ve noticed that since the kiddos have been born we have all kept in touch a little bit better. I guess it’s because we all feel like we’re in the same boat, and will be for the rest of eternity! Diaperland…here we come (and are, right guys!?) It will be fun to watch our kids grow up together, can’t wait!


2 responses to “Baby boom!

  • Heather Ashton

    Such cute babies! Cash is adorable! So we have a present for you, but at this rate I think we might as well just bring it to you at the hospital, it’s getting so close!!

    And yes, welcome to Diaperland. I wonder how many we’ve gone through in 16 months…

  • Raquel Bell

    I have been thinking about you like CRAZY….it’s coming so fast! I want to know when it happens and I will bring you dinner, something good I promise! I love you and miss you! lets carve pumpkins or something soon.

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