Thanks to everyone who came to the baby showers I’ve had. It has been so much fun to see all the friends and family. I love you guys!! I’ve been meaning to blog for such a long time! I just haven’t gotten around to it; I’m too busy enjoying everyone else’s blogs-so keep ’em coming! Last weekend (or the one before that)was deemed “Baby Weekend.” I had 2 baby showers and Pitt and I attended a childbirth class! All that made us feel the reality that this little guy will be with us before we know it. A picture is worth a thousand words so here goes…

Beautiful quilt made by Aunt Sherrey


I love these Little Levis from Aunt Merilee


My cute friends from SLC and the ward had a blast at Lianna’s house. Thanks Lianna, you’re a doll!


The group…what amazing women! (Counterclockwise)Raquel, Ashley, Candice, Amanda, Heather, Stacey, Lianna, Mindy and Melissa


Otherwise we’ve been busy working and trying to put some money in the bank before our income seriously drops! One money  saver happened yesterday. Pitt loves backpacks and bags and stuff like that, so I put him in charge of picking out a diaper bag-one that he would like because he’ll be carrying it as much as I will. So he found one we liked and it was about $70 dollars.He went to REI to buy it, found the one he wanted and took it to the register. When the cashier rang it up, the price came up as $12! Pitt questioned it and the guy scanned it again…$12! CHA-CHING! $12 bucks…nice!

One more month until this blog turns into my brag book of baby. We’ll keep you posted.


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