My first baby shower!

Me and my girls! Sarah threw Mindy and I a joint shower last Saturday. I cherish these girls so much! We have been best buds since middle school. Any memory I have from my school days includes one of them. Not everyone could be there (shout-out to Bre and Marie–we missed you!) Camille and Ade even drove down from Logan. It was fun to catch up with everyone and show off my belly. Mindy is due in 11 days. She has the best attitude and is still working full time! By the time I’m 11 days away I don’t know if I’ll be as happy-go-lucky as Mindy, I can only hope. She’s also having a boy — naming him Cash. I can’t wait to meet the little guy.

Here we are, except Claire-she missed the picture-sorry. Sarah, Mindy, Me, Camille and Adrienne.

I love the diaper garland Sarah created, so cute!!


Opening presents. It was nice to get stuff from moms who know what’s up. Thanks girls!


There’s Claire!! (and her darling daughter Addelyn) Addy was so polite.

She also was worried about her little brother Carter at home and took some goodies home for him.


Ade, Jaden and I posing for our family picture in our coordinating outfits. Jaden is such a stud! I love him.


Later that night we had some friends over at our house. This is Ciara, she and I are the same-33 weeks!

She knows exactly how I feel right now (which really isn’t that bad, just hot, tired and like this will never end)



6 responses to “My first baby shower!

  • Bre

    Oh you and mIndy look beautiful as ever! I love it and am super sad I missed you guys! I cant wait to meet those babies. I have baby gifts for you guys:) Glad you are doing well. SO sad, I have not seen your cute bellies in person though:)

  • Megan

    Becky! You Look Great! I can’t believe you’re already 33 weeks! So Crazy! Have you decided on a name for your little guy?

  • Ginna

    I love the picture. I haven’t seen all those girls forever, they all look great. You look so dang cute, what a cute belly. I promise I’m working on getting a belly shot. You’ll be the first to know once I post it. I can’t believe how fast it’s going. Good Luck with the next 7 weeks.

    luv ya

  • Elizabeth Furness


    So glad you had fun at your first baby shower…getting all those cute, tiny baby things made me even more excited for Grace to come. Thanks for dinner the other night too, it was fun to see you guys again!

  • Suzanne W

    Hey Beck! Thanks for the Preggers Pics! You did just what I asked. You will love it later when you are missing your tummy 🙂

  • Amy

    Cute pictures! I don’t think I knew Mindy was pregnant. I haven’t seen her in forever! If you see her, tell her I said congrats! You are getting so close!!!

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