Where did August go??

I feel like this month has just flown by. We started it out on a great trip with the Raymonds to San Diego. I spent a week sick in bed with a could and cough that knocked me off my feet! Then, just in time, I recovered to go to First Descents. Add some time in Boise, learning how to mow the lawn, trying to keep a garden, and making room for baby (oh, and a little work) and it’s no wonder it has gone by so fast! Here are a couple pics…enjoy!

San Diego Trip

Cute Big-sister Brookie and Carter in San Diego


Posers at the zoo, Pitt and Mike


The whole fam at the San Diego Zoo


Playing in the pool, our favorite thing


The cutest giraffe, he was my favorite.


First Descents

We spent a week in Idaho volunteering at a young adult cancer-survivor camp. Pitt helped suit everyone up with the right gear and taught kayaking all week and I was the camp nurse, don’t worry, no one needed me! It was such an amazing experience! It was so fun getting to know all these great people. They’ve been through cancer treatment and just want to get back into their normal active lifestyle that existed before all the doctors, chemo, and surgeries. It was really good for me to hear their perspectives about their care. I learned how much cancer truly effects your life. I think I have gotten a little jaded working in the cancer world. I hope I take the things I learned into my practice and can become a better nurse. And Pitt just loved it! He loves sharing the things he loves with new people. He had a blast watching them progress every day and try new things and just be outdoors. I was so impressed with everyone. They jumped right into the cold river and had great big smiles on their faces. It was a super cool week and we hope to go back next year and work with more amazing people!

“Moo”, “Thrifty” and “Slipper” stoked about the river. We all got nicknames within the first hour of the week. I was “Pregers!”


Old family photo, these guys are hilarious! McFly, Smelly, Thrifty, Beemer, Skirt and Slipper


First day on the river and everyone was smiling!


Beemer gave me his T-shirt…Wanna touch it? Ha ha!



3 responses to “Where did August go??

  • Heather Ashton

    You guys are so cool! That’s awesome that you did that cancer camp. That’s something that you will always remember. And I’m proud of you doing it pregnant. You look awesome! And that trip to San Diego looks like it was so much fun. We need to hang out so we can see your belly in person. P.S. You look really skinny! Except for the belly!

  • Lacey

    That camp sounds like such an awesome experience! You will have to tell me all about it next time I see you!

  • Claire

    ha, love the shirt! That’s awesome you guys did that!! Wow, I bet that was a cool experience. And you’re a trooper to do that all pregnant and everything! I’m sure you’re an excellent nurse, by the way!
    It was fun to see you, at the baby shower. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!

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