Cabin fun!

Went to the Cabin last week, just wanted to share some great pics! I created a “Snapshow” through Snapfish, I hope this works.

Click Here

It was such a blast to be with all the fam! The cabin is in Island Park. Bill and Patty have had it since 2005 and put their hearts and souls into it. We love being up there and enjoying the scenery. Pitt knows the area like the back of his hand and always wants to explore new places. This year he took the guys on an adventure and came back with a popped tire…oops! I couldn’t put captions on the slideshow, but you’ll see us on the shore of Henry’s Lake playing our instruments. Mary had us all practice together and we put on a concert for Bill’s birthday. Duke played too, but I missed getting a pic of that. The kids loved their new treehouse-fort that Grandpa made them. We played games, floated the river in a raft and kayaks, played volleyball and slip-n-slide! It was a blast! Thanks fam!


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