Hey everyone! I feel like I have finally recovered from a really busy couple of weeks. Check out my mom’s blog for pics from my 4th of July weekend. Thanks to them for putting together such a fun BBQ! Summertime is just flying by, which is a good feeling because our due date is just getting closer and closer. October 20th, here we come! I’m finding that I’m totally putting off any preparations for this child to be here. But I know he’s coming. I feel him moving around in there everyday. Yesterday, in fact, I could see and feel a spot on my tummy getting kicked. It made me laugh out loud, it’s just kinda weird. I see my silhouette and think, Oh my! I’m pregnant! You know how for a while after you’re married, you keep looking at your husband and your new little apartment and think, Oh my! We’re married! Ya, it’s the same kind of feeling. Just have to get used to the idea I guess. My exercise habits have fallen off the face of the earth. I did pretty well until May and since then, I’ve been so lazy! So today, I got up (after a rude awakening by my neighbor’s girlfriend yelling profanities at him) and went at did some walking at Liberty Park. The summer morning air is the best! I’m going to try to keep this habit up. I also rented a prenatal workout DVD, ha ha! We’ll see how that goes. I would love to share pictures from our last ultrasound, but they’re all really bad and you can’t really see anything. But he is still a boy! So, sorry! They did record it for me on a DVD that I showed my family though, that was pretty cool. In other news, I’ve been released from my YW calling. I will miss seeing those cute YW twice a week. It was a great calling and I learned a lot. But I think I was worn out and feeling uncommitted and they need someone else who can be more dedicated. I was just getting all their names down too. But now I have 70 Primary kids’ names to learn! Sharing time, here I come!


3 responses to “Update

  • Marie

    Hey Becky,
    Don’t you hate loud neighbors?! Is Liberty Park the one with paddle boats? The French Toast at Ruth’s Diner sound so good, I’m craving them now and I’m not even pregnant!

  • Amanda

    Ummm… try like 80-90…. Last week was absolute controled choas…. Heather is going to love having you and Lianna in there now!! :o) Good luck with it. I love Primary!

  • Caitlyn

    Thanks for the update. Have fun in Primary, I miss it. My new calling is making the programs for sacrament. It’s pretty sweet, I feel like I have a lot of power. Good luck with the exhausting 12 hour shifts. I’m sad I can’t see your growing belly at work, you’ll have to post some pics for me.

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