ABC’s of Rough Camp

The whole group!


(to the tune of ABC’s)

Esther, Heather, Scotty, Ma Tu

Hser Nay Paw, Peragia, Say Boo, Pa Ku

Kim Moo Kim, Say Too Paw, Paw Eh Blut, Lay Win

Nay Say Paw, Rosanna Way, Po Lin, Shwe Zin Win

Eh Doh Doh Lah, The Ray Say

Say La Way, Pa Ku, Mi Se, The The Way


Just got back today from 4 days at Girls Camp! We have an amazing group of Young Women that sprouted out of nowhere a week ago. We’re used to having a group of 4-12, but we had 22 for Rough Camp! It was a challenge at times, but very successful (considering, the last 2 years we’ve been snowed out) It was hard giving instructions and explaining rules because of the language barrier. They didn’t understand why we couldn’t wash our clothes or ourselves in the river, they never wanted to wear shoes, and they are a bunch of litter bugs! I think they were trying their hardest to obey me. Heather and Scotty were great helps. They are 2 of our “regulars,” who know and follow the rules.


This was BEFORE we established the rule of no crossing the river. It was so hot though we were glad we ended up soaked for a little while. The girl in the middle is Cathrine. She is a 20 year old that grew up in the Stake. She just really wanted to come to Camp and I think she was heaven sent. The Stake leaders asked her if she could help with our ward. We really needed her help because we only had 2 leaders up there at a time. She loved getting to know the girls and playing with them. Thanks Cate!


Say Too Paw, Hser Nay Paw, Nay Say Paw and Ma Tu

The 2 in the middle are sisters. These girls are baptised. I’d say 75% of the Karen refugee YW we had at camp are.


Makeovers! This is part of their beauty regime. It smells like baby powder and has the purpose of protecting from the sun, cooling your skin and looking beautiful. I got many complements after Say Boo applied it for me. At one point she put it really thick on my nose and they were all laughing-said I have a long nose. Ha ha! They are so cute, very happy girls! The one in the background is Heather, but they call her Too Lay Paw (pretty flower) She is 17, grew up in the ward and become great friends with everyone. Heather has learned a lot of their words and is patient enough to communicate well with them. She is a huge help!

DSCN2606Cute sisters! Nay Say Paw and Hser Nay Paw

They taught me Karen jumprope. Similar to Chinese jumprope, except with just one elastic string. They jump over it and do little tricks with it.

What an experience! I am still getting over the shock of it all so I don’t know what else to say except I’m glad I’m home. But I can’t wait to see my girls at church on Sunday. You look at our group and realize what a miracle it all is. As I was laying in my tent at 4 this morning, after I had rescued 10 of them from their leaking, soaked tent and piled them into mine and Esther’s, I was thinking how lucky I am and why I got to be the one to give these girls this experience. And then I laughed out loud because I was laying on mud, wet, not sleeping because of the snoring going on around me and uncomfortable. (did I say exhausted?) Ā I still don’t know!? But it is a week I will never forget.


3 responses to “ABC’s of Rough Camp

  • Amanda

    LOL!! That is awesome!! I’ve always wondered what the whole mud on the face thing was that they wear to church! Now I know! Those sisters crack me up too!! I’m glad you guys had fun!

  • Bianca Martin

    Love it! What a fun experience- and no snow!!

  • Claire

    Wow! Ya, that sounds like quite the experience! Makes our girls camps sound luxurious and relaxing! You never realize as a young woman how much your leaders do. Good job! I bet you left them with so many great memories just like we have of ours too! That’s awesome you got a great turn out…even though it probably made it harder on you. Way to go Sister Grewe šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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