Lookie what I made

Turn these…

brown bananas

into this!


Coconut Banana Bread with Lime Glaze

Recipe from yourheartout

It turned out delicious! I’ve always loved banana bread, so this is a great twist on the old standby. Who wants to share some with me? It’s best topped with cream cheese!

Pitt and I went on a little adventure Sunday. He’s planning Scout Camp for next week and we had to check out the status of the snow. We drove along the Mirror Lake Highway, stopping at various spots. (P.S. Snow level is at about 10,000 feet) Can you imagine seeing rapids like this and thinking, I wanna take a kayak down that? Yep, that’s exactly what Pitt is thinking. It was a good time!

DSCN2563 DSCN2565


With all this rain I haven’t been worrying about my newly planted flowers like I normally would. But last night I checked them out and all the rain has washed away the topsoil around them and their roots are sticking out! It looks like I just pulled them out of the package and kinda smashed them into the dirt. I guess I need to “dig a little deeper” next time. In other updates, my iPod is on the fritz. I use that stupid thing everyday and now it decides to just quit on me. It will play one or two songs and then just skip around until it dies. Well, we’ve had a god run. I’ve had it for 5 years I think. It is big and bulky compared to the new ones, screen is black and white, but it has been all over the world with me. I’ve kinda grown attached…tear. And lastly, today I’ve had to seriously recuperate from my 2 long days at work. These 12 hour shifts are killing me already! I came home last night and just crashed into bed and I woke up and my back is so sore. Too much lifting I guess. Caitlyn, how did you do it!?


4 responses to “Lookie what I made

  • Caitlyn

    Becky I feel for you. Plan on a day to rest after 2 shifts in a row. And what are you doing lifting? Knock it off, seriously. And don’t feel bad about it, there is always someone else who can help. Your bread looks scrumptious I’ll have to try that recipe.

  • Lianna

    so i totally want to serve your coconut banana bread at your baby shower! I have some super cute ideas, can’t wait to show you!!

  • Marie

    I love banana bread, that looks good! Who would’ve thought, Burlington Coat Factory, huh. By way of advice…I know it’s a good idea to borrow or buy used what you can, but that isn’t always fun, especially with your first one. You’ll buy what you really need and as your little one gets older you’ll probably get more comfortable with taking in handmedowns. I guess the one purchase I would take back is the bouncer. It’s the one that really just bounces. If I could, I would exchange it for the small swing that is low to the ground. It is really handy to have something to place the little one in at least for the first 6 months until they can prop themselves up.

  • Claire

    Nice! I’ve got 4 ripe bananas that I was just looking at wondering if I should make regular old banana bread or not…now I know!!

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