Halfway there

 I had my 20 week appointment last week. All is well, I can’t even really tell that I’m pregnant – an occasional ache and pain, but seriously I’ve felt so good. It’s always fun at the doctor’s and hear our little guy’s heartbeat. I tried hearing it with my stethoscope last night,but all I heard was my rumbly belly. I’ll have to try again later. 

  The name quest is on! I was worried Pitt and I would totally clash on this, but I think we have some good names in mind. We’re keeping them to ourselves until we really decide and then I’ll let you know. For now, we call him Caesar!  We are so excited for things to come, the next 20 weeks will be interesting! (and you’ll hear about it, whether you want to or not)

  So today I went to Burlington Coat Factory because my mom-in-law told me they have tons of baby stuff. And, boy was she right! There was so much stuff! Cribs, bedding, strollers, car seats, swings, bouncers, boppy pillows, everything you could imagine! I am totally overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start or what we will need! So I didn’t but anything, very uncharacteristic of me. I just walked out of there with my jaw hanging open, feeling very overwhelmed. So give me your best mommy advice on what to buy and where to buy it. Because I feel so totally clueless!

  Pitt and his business partner Mark have been very busy with this:


   They started a kayaking school and have been teaching classes at a local pool. They’ve done 2 sessions and keep getting more offers from other pools to get started. Last night they held an open roll session (a roll is one of the basic maneuvers in a kayak where you flip yourself right-side-up after you tip over, yes, I can roll) The pool called to ask if they still wanted to do it because only 2 people had signed up online, they did it and 29 people came! It was crazy! We were all elated at the response and hopefully people that came will look into the classes and tell their friends…etc. They are also talking to Westminster to start up a program there. It has been fun to see their success! They’ve also been up to a lot of this:

kayak car

Seeking out whitewater in Utah and Idaho. That’s Pitt’s car with 6 kayaks strapped to it. Don’t worry he has a degree in “strap-ology”


7 responses to “Halfway there

  • Claire

    Wow, do you think Pitt could fit anymore on that little Subaru!? That’s awesome they’re having such a great response to the classes!
    As for advice on what you NEED…
    Besides the obvious, diapers, wipes, clothes (which I would slowly start buying when you see good sales on all 3 of these items…especially diapers. You can never have enough!) oh and a crib and stroller.
    We couldn’t have gotten by without a swing and bouncy seat and a pack ‘n play (portable crib). I would say those are the essentials for sure. But then there’s so many things too, that make things convenient and helpful…baby bjorn, play mat with a mobile, bumbo, monitor, etc. Wow, there’s a lot. And I’m probably not helping, because I’m listing things you probably saw there anyway. Babies R Us and Target are great! Good Luck!

  • Lianna

    hoorrayyy for babies! don’t worry and don’t be overwhelmed . . my advice . . . register for everything!!

  • Ade

    Baby stuff…I agree with Claire-diapers and wipes (I get my wipes at Costco-Kirkland brand-LOVE them). Clothes you will need, but really all you will get at showers is clothes. So, I would hold off a bit on those at first-but have some of the basics. For the very first month or so you will really only need those and either a pack and play or crib. I remember feeling so overwhelmed. Trust me, it all works out! Call me and we will chat. Or even better, come over when you are up and we can talk about it all in person!!!

  • Amanda Dipo

    I agree with Lianna…. don’t really worry about buying anything right now, wait until after your baby showers, and then go hog crazy!! Totally register for everything!! A fun place to browse at is USA baby on Redwood Road (by the Spagetti Factory) They have TONS of cribs and really cute things to look at and buy. Babinski’s in Foothill Village is a fun store to go through too!

  • Amy G.

    There are so many baby things that are a MUST have as these girls have already mentioned: bouncy seat, baby swing, play yard, bumbo, baby carrier, boppy pillow, etc. I feel like most baby stuff is pretty expensive so if you can get most of it at cheaper places like Burlington, then DO! That is my advice. And a lot of stuff you don’t need right away so you can hold off on getting them for a while, especially after you see what you get at your baby showers.

  • Sarah

    Hey Pitt… I’ve been kayak shopping lately… any suggestions?? Best price? best brands? Congrats on the kayak classes! They sound pretty neat!

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