Big news and cute nieces

So, it’s a boy! We went to our ultrasound appointment today. We are way excited, we were wishing for a boy and that’s what we got! Yay! He looks healthy and is measuring for the due date Oct. 20th. We’re halfway through the pregnancy, whew!

2nd Ultrasound

Isn’t it mean that the first pictures we show off of our kids is of their parts!? Well, here’s his little penis (i mean big). The tech wrote YOU ARE RIGHT! because we had told her we thought it was a boy. As my cuz Derek put it, “we put the stem on the apple.” Ha ha!

it's a boy

Here we are at 19-ish weeks. I definitely have a baby bump now and Pitt has a fu-man-chu. He had a full beard while we were in Europe and each week he’s slowly shaved off pieces of it. Today, he lost the sideburns. He has a job interview Monday, so I’ll let him enjoy it while he can.Β 


Presenting the most beautiful dancers in the world: Miss Bailee…so cute!


And Miss Brookelyn…so big! She’s a great dancer!



15 responses to “Big news and cute nieces

  • DaNae

    Oh my gosh, CONGRATULATIONS, you guys!! How exciting! You had me rolling about the (I mean big) comment. Isn’t it funny how that is such a joke for those ultrasounds? Randy would show people and point to Collin’s arm in the ultrasound and say “this is it”. Haha!

    Sounds like it’s all been smooth sailin’! Hope it stays that way! And I loved the pics from your guys’ trip! What a BLAST! Randy and I did a similar thing when we found out I was pregnant with Macey. We went to Cancun when I was 4 months pregnant… it wasn’t so much fun for me. It was so hot and humid I could barely breathe. England and Switzerland sounds much better. =)

  • Suzie

    Yeah! We are so excited for little Obadiah or Deuteronomy. Can’t wait to see you soon! One week.

  • Camille Pedersen

    what baby bump, you skinny girl.. how exciting. You’ll love having a boy, they are lots of fun!!

  • Lianna

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so excited for you and Pitt . . you guys will have the raddest kid ever! Can’t wait to meet the little guy or big guy πŸ™‚

  • Tori

    WAHOO! NOw that you know it’s a boy the time will just fly! A little boy will be so much fun…your little belly is really cute!

  • Kasey Sanders

    Congrats! You will be a great mom!

  • BILL [DAD]



  • Amy G.

    How exciting for you! When Kory and I went in for our ultrasound, I was also hoping so bad that it was a boy. When I found out it was a girl, I was so upset that I cried! Don’t worry, I have definitely gotten over it! Oh, and I don’t even see a baby bump!

  • Caitlyn


    I’m so excited for you! Seriously, it is the best time ever.

  • Cami

    How cool Becky. I think that we both secretly wanted a girl but didn’t say it out loud. I know we’d been just as happy with a boy, but it’s kind of cool when it works out that way. You look adorable by the way, cute little bump.

  • Dayna Hatch Brown

    loving the baby boy bump! You’re so cute! good luck!

  • Karlee

    Congrats! I am so excited for you and to see your little guy. You guys will be the best parents ever! What a cute baby bump you have.

  • Claire

    I don’t see a bump πŸ™‚ jk. So is this going be a little Pit or William or what? What names are you thinking? I guess it’s still early. That’s exciting though! Your nieces look adorable. I bet you love that they dance.

  • Leila peterson

    You look amazing! I’m so impressed, you barely have a bump! I want to see more Europe pics! Congrats on the boy!

  • Marie

    Yeah, cute bump! I”m happy for you guys, a boy is a great way to start! πŸ™‚

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