Cheers! London pics…

Here’s what we’ve  been up to:



A beautiful view of Big Ben and the Parliament buildings from the Southbank of the Thames


Pitt setting his watch to Greenwich Standard Time at the Prime Meridian


Walking down a quaint street in Greenwich


We toured Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, very cool!

No rain yet and it’s been such a fun time! We’re planning more sight seeing tomorrow, museums and Les Mis. We’re here until Thursday, then off to Switzerland.


6 responses to “Cheers! London pics…

  • Mike Raymond

    I’m fuming with jealousy. That looks awesome! It’s been a goal of mine to go to England for 7 or so years now.

  • Amanda Dipo

    I love it that you are journaling while vacationing! I love reading about everyone’s vacations! That and I am so very jealous. :o)

  • Amy Gittins

    I’ve always wanted to go to London! Also, sorry I’m a little behind but I just wanted to say YAY about you being pregnant! I’m so very excited for you! You and Pit will be great parents and I’m sure your baby is going to be dang cute! Congrats!

  • mom debbie

    I keep thinking about where you are and what you’re seeing today. The charm of Europe is something you’ll never forget! We miss you, but are so glad you’re there.

  • lauren

    Very cool!! I would love to see London! I hope you are having a wonderful time!

  • Raquel Bell

    AHHH I have pictures just like those you are making me so excited to be in London again! We miss you guys, be safe!

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