Trip to California

We had so much fun! Days at the beach, sunshine, shopping, family, BBQ & pool party-what could be better? It was beautiful weather and fun to hang out with Duke & Betsy.  I didn’t really take many pictures…very uncharacteristic of me. So here are the few I got…







3 responses to “Trip to California

  • Leila Peterson

    I love Cali. How fun! And I meant to comment on your previous post about the Huntsman, how cool is that! I think nurses have the most amazing profession! You are incredible! We really do still need to get together!

  • Amy G.

    Oh man, I’m so jealous you got to go to California. It’s my most favorite place ever!

  • Bre

    SO MUCH FUN!!! I really love Cali! I cant wait to get back, and I really want to get to Disneyland, silly I know! Dax, is dying to go!

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