Feeling inspired about my job


I’ve worked at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital since Sept 2006. In that time I have had the pleasure of taking care of many, many wonderful people. It has truly been a great experience working there and feeling of the hopeful spirit that is in that building. I just read the 2008 Annual Report for the organization and I feel so inspired! I’m am part of something so much bigger than myself. Everyday at that place people are changing lives and looking for a cure…and curing cancer! I just thought I’d share this report with you, it’s great. Just click the link and then “View Annual Report.” 

Another cool thing that I was involved in at work was an educational patient video for patients having surgery and staying over night at the hospital. I wasn’t really involved until the camera started rolling, but here’s my close-up! Enjoy (laughing at me)!  

Video link


2 responses to “Feeling inspired about my job

  • Heather Ashton

    Way to go Bek! I think you’re going to get discovered from this video. 😉 You should be proud of your job, it’s awesome that you work there. It’s got to be pretty rough sometimes, but so worth it. The hospital is so gorgeous.

  • Nancy Thompson Mahler

    You are a star!!! What a doll you are, I love reading your blog. My niece Kelli Dunkley works at the point, she plans wedding, food and flowers. She did Erica’s wedding and it was perfect:) Look for that little tiny cute girl and that would be Kelli, you would love her because she is mine:)

    Good job on the video!!

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