Grewe Cousin Ski Weekend

Grewe's groove

Just back from a whirlwind weekend with the Grewes. What fun we had! I wanted to share some of my favorite pics. We spent 2 days skiing at Beaver Mountain, it was beautiful, great snow and great company. The “awesome 8” join us from California for their annual ski trip-Lisa, Bob & Parker, Gwen & Carlos, Joe, Sara & Carson.  They are a fun bunch…about one fry short of a happy meal!!

Parker get the “most improvement award.”  He was flying! Jim must have given him some good pointers.


Lolo gets the “fastest kid on skis award”


Carson get the “A for effort award”


Logan and Pitt get the “bravery award” (that looks very scary to me)


Gotta love lunch at the lodge! I just loved the break to get warmed up and refueled. The new lodge is very nice!

(the old bathrooms, however, are not)


To celebrate the family LOVE, we had a big Valentine’s Day party; gift exchange, puppet show and games included! Oh yeah, did I mention food, food and more food! Patty said she lost 2 pounds this weekend, but she was working so hard I believe it. I’m sure I put on about 8! Ha! Hopefully the extra will keep me warm this week. Enjoy the snow! The big storm is here!


3 responses to “Grewe Cousin Ski Weekend

  • Lianna

    I LOVE your family pictures, especially the first one!! Pitt looks like he will be the cutest daddy with that little one strapped on his back! LOVE IT!!

  • Bianca

    You are so cute Becky! I would love to borrow your book- and we totally should plan a time to go see the would be so fun! I didn’t know that you and Pitt were so into skiing- we are too. Although we’ve had a lame season this year.. It looks like you guys had a great time. Oh and how is the run named after you?!

  • Amy

    Looks like so much fun! I always forget that you and Jen are now related. Why are you not in the last picture? I’m guessing you probably were the one taking it. And I also think Pitt will also be an awesome dad someday!

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