Yummy tidbits

If you want a great project idea, go here. I see a sewing party coming on…right Lianna, Raquel? (PS I don’t really have sewing parties, but wouldn’t it be fun)6a00e55272ca4d8834010536e3c600970b-1

If you want a stupid project idea, go here.  I can hear women across America saying, “Sour cream containers, I’ve been DYING to learn to make those out of cute paper!” I don’t know who’s idea that was?!

Listen in to Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks. Gardenia is my favorite. Thanks Pitt for saving me from the FM radio! I am loving Sirius XM!!

My latest scraping. I scraplifted this layout from a magazine 3 years ago! It just took me that long to get a couple good pics of the 2 of us, still ended up with Pitt’s seemingly favorite 2006 facial, “Blue Steel.” Love ya honey!





Picture of the year, it’s hard to get these girls to hold still for very long. We had our New Beginnings Program last week. We had a great turn out! Here’s our group of amazing Young Women. They are going to change the world!

dscn1720Back Row: Shelly WinStar, Ma Tu, ThayThay Way, Scotti, La Na Paw, Becca, Alyscia, Heather

Front Row: RosannaWay, Nyae Soe, SeNay Paw, NaySe Paw, SailAWay 

Bye! I’m going to go make these now…yummy! Have a great weekend everyone! We’re going on an adventure, so I’ll bring back some  pics for y’all!


5 responses to “Yummy tidbits

  • Lianna

    LOVE IT!! I am down for a sewing party!! I really enjoyed your testimony 🙂

  • Raquel Bell

    That blog was so cute, we should have a sewing day, count me in! I have some good projects lined out for the summer. Lets get together!!! Thanks for posting the girls picture I got it!

  • Amy

    Becky, about your nickname post, my favorite nickname will always be Beckeckedy! Don’t ever forget it! Ha ha!

  • Debbie Raymond

    I love love love your scrapbook page. I couldn’t love anything more, however, than the photo of your YW girls. Change the world – that’s exactly right – and you were part of it. Sometime, please blog their story for all of us to read.

  • Dayna Hatch Brown

    Becky, I LOVE this layout of yours! You’re a great scrapbooker! I have to admit thought that I loved these layouts so much that I am now scraplifting them from you! I am just starting my 2nd daughters’ scrapbook and want her 1st [hospital] pictures to be REALLY CUTE! Thanks for the cute page layout!

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