I have a new nickname

Nicknames are a family thing, either your family makes them or they don’t. I even remember having this discussion with my family at home one day after coming home from playing with Marge (Amy) Oliver, the first nickname family I knew. The best nicknames my family could come up with were Bozo (dad) and Bo-zecky (me). Needless to say, they didn’t stick. Pitt’s family is a nickname family too: eg. Pitty Pat (Patrick), Duke (Andrew), ‘Doats (Mary), Lolo (Loren)and Logo (Logan). Well today because of a typo in a family email, I am now going to be Beaky. Luckily cousin Carlos remembered and pointed out that Beaky Buzzard is a Looney Tunes. 

This is me:


And me again, hanging out with my famous friend, Bugs Bunny:


I’m so excited to finally have a nickname! And the fact that it’s Looney Tunes is a perfect fit. I pretty much relate everything in life to the millions of cartoons I have watched in my life. I love to relate certain situations to similar times had by Bugs, Daffy, and Elmer Fudd. Name any one that you remember and I will remember it too and probably sing the song for you or do the voice. I owe this talent to my parents who let me, Suz, Aaron and Mike watch hour after hour of cartoons, of course all our homework was done. The best times were those enjoyed with Dad sitting (or standing) there laughing out loud with us. So, in the famous words of Porky Pig…That’s all folks!


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