We Love chillin’ in the woods!


No one wants to be seen with a character like this at a resort anyway. It is better that we stick to the backcountry.

No one wants to be seen with a character like this at a resort anyway. It is better that we stick to the backcountry.

I spend enough time at ski resorts to kill a normal person. After spending 60 hours a week dealing with thousands of ski tourist and crazy Park city  locals, the last thing I want to do on my days off is return to a ski resort and deal with more of them.  Hence I have always loved to backcountry ski. In the backcountry you only ski with the people you choose to ski with and have the only tracks for miles around.  My most special skiing experiences have happened where there is no one around.


Since I have known Becky, I have always wanted to have her share these experiences with me. It is not something that you can just throw someone into. It takes a lot of work to tour up mountains for hours just to make one or two runs.They have to gain a sufficient passion for skiing and truly learn to appreciate a really good powder run. I mean really good.  I have made Becky hike at ski resorts, out of bounds, but go on a full scale tour. Well, Bek took that step with me this week and she passed with flying colors.  She has stepped into the realm of a mild powder junkie. She went and Hiked and earned her powder turns. I just want to tell everyone that she is pretty hardcore and She surpassed all my expectations.

The 5 most important things you must have when backcountry skiing are an avalanche beacon, a shovel, a probe, knowledge about avalanche terrain and a partner! I have always had the first 4 but a partner is not always easy to come by.  So I made the one person who is stuck to me for eternity complete that package for me. Way to go Bek I can’t wait to do it again and again and again until the snow stops falling from the heavens. Here are some pics of our day!


These are the Headwaters of the Logan river. We cruised up Franklin Basin and skied in the Steam mill peak area. I think we saw 2 other human beings all day, and that was only in the trailhead parking lot.


Here is that little powder freak. Just happy to be getting some freshies!!! Does she have the face of an addict? It's okay a powder addiction is 100% healthy.


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