Christmas catchup

Here’s our Christmas tree! It is my favorite part of Christmas. Pitt is always first to get presents under there. The ornaments hold a lot of meaning to me, my mom and dad gave us one every year. I’ve kept that tradition up, usually buying one from our big trip of the year. This year I got a pretty one from our trip to DC.



Here’s my collection and Pitt’s:

me   pitt

I went to see Suz in Vegas last week. It’s becoming a Christmas tradition-we all need a little sister time right? It’s fun to go stay with her and Winston and see their beautiful home all decked out for the holidays! And can we say Shopping!



I love doing all the cliche Christmas-y things like reading stories and singing carols, so (to Pitt’s shagrin) I have a Countdown going. Every day we turn over the number and do what it says…tonight we are going to make egg nog shakes! I think he’ll like that one!


Christmas time just feels different! It is a time to reach out to others and show the ones around you how much you love them. Merry Christmas!


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