What’s up?

I haven’t been up to much lately-typical November I guess. I’m anticipating Duke and Betsy‘s wedding next week. {sigh} I love weddings! Just need to figure out what to wear (the ultimate question right) I’ve found a lot of what NOT to wear. Ha! That has been entertaining!

Well, here’s what’s in my lens lately:

First snow storm, November 5, our infamous garage (this is where the blog title came from) And, yes, the garage is very crooked, not the alignment of the picture. We don’t keep anything too valuable in there because we’re sure it’s going to topple over any day now.

falling snow

My favorite scrapbook page yet! This is our darling niece Lolo



5 responses to “What’s up?

  • Ade

    Check out the snow! It snowed up here for a few minutes but nothing stuck. Is the wedding up in Logan? If it is and you have free time call me and come over! I know I need to call you back…I was down at Amy’s for Ty’s birthday for the weekend and then got sick and have just been trying to survive. Even a little cold feels like death with a baby. 😦 I’m on the mend now and doing much better! YAY! Anyways, I will try to call tomorrow. Love ya!

  • Aimee

    Lolo is such a little cutie. And so grown up!

  • Tori

    Holy cow, the snow! We didn’t get any…and that shed, we had one kinda like it and it just never fell so we demolished it this last summer…but yours has more character to it, ours was a rust bucket…

    Cute scrapbook page…can’t wait to see pictures from Duke’s wedding!!

  • Heather Ashton

    Cute scrapbook page! And I know I should be excited about the snow, but I’m just not! I miss walking around outside all hours of the day! You guys wanna hang out this Friday or Saturday? We’d really like to see you guys since it’s been, like, forever.

  • Betsy

    I think you guys have had more snow than us! wow. your scrapbooking is very impressive and we should have a scrapbooking night/weekend in the future. yes? ok.

    PS: the wedding wardrobe has changed. you MUST wear your halloween attire.

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