Need some tips?

Do you LOVE Christmas? Do you want to enjoy the season and not get stressed out? Yes!! Yes, I thought you did. Some of you know that my mom, Debbie and her friend Norma Olsen have been doing a Christmas class for a while (I guess 15 years!) It is a great class and now that I’m all grown up and trying to balance my family and the in-laws, the tips are that much more valuable. What do ya say, do you want in on this? Well, this class is being offered this year through Big Picture Scrapbooking. Whoa! That’s huge…I know!! My mom, Debbie and Georganna Hall from Adorn It fame have teamed up to help us out. It is called Cut the Crazy Out of Christmas. It will be full of great tips to help you out during Christmas, you’ll get a great printouts for a planner (which I started using last year and can’t function through Christmas without it.) There will be scrapbooking projects, decorating, gift and wrapping ideas. Click here to check it out! You only have until Nov. 4th to register, so hurry!


One response to “Need some tips?

  • Marie

    That is way cool! I went to one of her classes once, but I honestly can’t remember where or when? One of my favorite ideas from her class was the Christmas Light Contest where you drive around and choose your favorite house, how fun!

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