Surf’s up

I’m really glad Pitt has a surfing addiction! It forces us to end up on beautiful beaches a couple times a year. We just got back from 3 days in SoCal. It was perfect! We are spoiled by the awesome Grewe cousins who don’t just give us a nice place to stay but throw in a car and Magellan, it’s just TOO easy! We spent a day at Huntington Beach, a day at Newport Beach and a day at Disneyland. And just for the record-I did a little surfing too. PS, when we got home 3 of our 4 clocks that run on batteries were stopped…creepy or coincidence??

There he goes! It is SO hard to take pictures of surfers. I’m so bad at it. This is the best shot I got.

Cousin Joe and cutest boy Carson-shaka!

We got to see Mickey again, and to my surprise, my heart leapt a little when I saw him! I’m such a sucker!


8 responses to “Surf’s up

  • Tori

    Looks like a blast…I wish I was somewhere warm right now!! Also I love how you love Disneyland and I’ll never forget how we saw you there on your honeymoon!

  • BreAna Peterson Palmer

    my heart still leaps when I see mickey mouse too. I love that place.

  • Bre

    You look like you got some sun too:) Jealous! And I just LOVE Disneyland, it really is the happiest place on earth!!:)

  • Raquel Bell

    FUN FUN! I had no idea you were going to Cali if I didn’t I couldn’t remember. I am glad you had a joyous weekend. Creepy about the clocks

  • Debbie Raymond

    I’m so glad you got to visit your other love – and that Pitt doesn’t get jealous lol.

  • Ginna

    I sure love to see you enjoying Disneyland with Pitt. I’ve been to Disneyland with you before and its a total treat. I’ll never forget chasing down Winnie the Pooh for your autograph book when we were there for Tuellerettes. I hope you made Pitt meet Pooh.

    Good Times

  • Bre

    Hey Steve told me today that he was at work packing up orders and one was for you from S.E.I. He works there in there afternoons after UPS. He thought it was funny, hes said it said for Becky Grewe so he told me to tell you that if you get stuff a lot there he will totally give you his discount there, which I LOVE and dont take as much advantage to it as I should!

  • Amy G.

    I am so jealous you went to Disneyland! That is my most favorite place ever!

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