Sick of my iPod

The shuffle gods have not been good to me for a very long time. My music is old and outdated. Today I discovered Pandora. Go check it out! Jason Myles Goss is playing right now and I like it!


One response to “Sick of my iPod

  • Debbie

    THIS IS WEIRD. I was working on the computer and decided I wanted to hear some music. So I went to my blog to get a link to someone’s blog like ‘daisy cottage’ or Aimee’s blog that plays music. And in the process I got distracted because my rss feed told me that becky had a new post on her blog. So I went to it, and there was this news about an online radio station site called Pandora, which I’d never heard of. So now, as I type, I’m listening to my custom-mixed set of ‘oldies’ music and saying to myself, “what will they think of next?!” Thanks, Bek!

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