Bay-bay Rocks out!

This was last Monday. We went to AF for Aaron’s bday celebration, and celebrate we did! I was having Guitar Hero cravings so we dusted off the guitars and played a few rounds. Here’s Bailee showing us how it’s done. It was hilarious; too bad you can’t see her hard core facials! It gets really good at 56 seconds, so just wait for it. I also have video of my nephew Logan doing his naked dance, but I promised it wouldn’t show up on the internet. 

Cute Carter, he’s getting chubby! He’s ALWAYS happy!

Little Miss Brookelyn, what a babe!


8 responses to “Bay-bay Rocks out!

  • Ade

    Look how cute and BIG they are getting! Carter is adorable! Aimee, if you read this send me an invite to your blog-I want to see your cute kiddos!!!

  • Bre

    So cute, Steve and I were laughing so hard, What a true little rocker! I love the pic. of you and Brooklyn, you look super cute, and I love the hair. And she is a sweet babe

  • Marie

    Love Carter’s beanie, I bet he loves his Aunt Becky!

  • Aimee

    That’s my girl! When she loves something she really gets into it!

  • lee

    Becky! Thanks for the comment! I thought at first it was a college friend of mine, but I figured out pretty quickly that it was you! I love that you’re stalking me. That’s so cool. I enjoyed checking out your blog. What a cute couple you and pitt are, and what fun things you do. I can relate to your quirky #2 (I think) of applying chapstick and lotion to feet and hands before bed. I can’t sleep w/o doing that.

    Have a great day! Lee

  • Lacie

    Beck- Thanks for the comment letting me know about Stacey Julian. I love all of her stuff and her blog. I also have to say I am so jealous of your Mom being able to teach on BPS and work in the industry. I WISH I WISH it was me! 🙂 Good luck with your “present” album, it was really fun.!

  • Ashley Baldwin

    Those little girls are so stinkin’ cute! How lucky you are to get to hang out with them! So thanks for that photo blog address! I love getting new ideas, and the pictures were great! Its also been fun seeing you at the hospital the last few days!

  • Nancy

    That is a great video!!!!

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