Quirky tag

Claire tagged me so here goes…
Here are the rules:
Link the person who tagged you.
Mention rules on your blog.
Tell about 6 quirks of yours.
Tell 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.
Leave a comment to let them know.

1 Quirk. I’m really weird with my laundry. I separate things very particularly, and I can’t ever let the dryer dry them too much. So, after 20 minutes or so of dryer time I check individual items and hang them as they get to my “dry” standard. Maybe it’s because my mom and I used to always shrink my favorite shirts or because I hate having to use the iron. It’s a very bad habit and drives Pitt crazy. And it makes it so I have to do the laundry, even when Pitt is very willing.

2 Quirk. Before bed I have to apply chapstick and put lotion on my hands and feet. 

3 Quirk. I receive a weekly “Disney Insider” newsletter and I read it page to page. I love knowing what those imagineers are up to.

4 Quirk. My guilty pleasures include rap/hip hop music videos, celebrity news about Paris Hilton, and the best drama on TV…ER!

5 Quirk. I listen to the radio A LOT. VFX, ZHT, U92 and 107.9 are my presets…DJ Nik would be proud, ha ha! It does occasionally pay off. In the last year I’ve been on the air and won contests 3 times.

6 Quirk. I’m in love with Pitt Grewe…who knew?

I don’t really think about doing these things until someone points them out. It’s just how I do things-don’t hate! I tag Marie, Bre, Kurt, and Aimee.


6 responses to “Quirky tag

  • Marie

    Will do, I was thinking about doing this anyway!

  • Bre

    Love the quirks, I will have to start working on mine!

  • Suzie

    I think that we did get the laundry quirk from our childhood laundry nightmares! I also have to put on chapstick before I go to bed, but the lotion thing . . . that’s all you! Can’t wait to see you.

  • Suzie

    p.s did you know that Disney is doing a free visit to one park on your birthday in the next year. You just have to go on and register.

  • Claire

    I didn’t know you were so anal about laundry. That’s funny. And I know what you mean about Pitt being willing to, but you won’t let him because he doesn’t do it your way 🙂 how funny, I am that way with the dishes. I’m glad you’re so into Disney, your kids will love it! Oh, and I signed up on the disney website to get a free pass on my birthday next year. Thanks for doing the tag, even though I never did yours, I will one of these days

  • Amy G.

    Beckeckedy, I just found your blog today! I was so excited! I haven’t seen you in such a LONG time! Your blog is way cute, it totally reminds me of you, especially your tag quirks, for sure! I just started a blog and I added you to it. If you check it out, don’t laugh at how lame it is and how little friends I have! Hopefully I’ll get to see you sometime soon!

    Amy G.

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