Alicia Keys

Last night I got to see one of my favorite musicians live…Alicia Keys! She played at Abravanel Hall and it was SOOO good. I’ve been a fan of her since day 1 and have loved her latest album, As I Am. Well, she did not disappoint. Her whole show was amazing. She is a great performer, dancing and singing her heart out. Her backup singers were entertaining and her band guys even had dance moves. She was wearing these high wasted red pants with black sequin suspenders and a black shirt with a sequin butterfly on it, kinda funny lookin…but she worked it. We were up on the balcony towards the front and had a great view. I recorded a bit of one of my favorite songs, “Tell You Something.” My recording isn’t the best quality, sorry. This album is all about enjoying every moment with the one you love and not wasting any time. Needless to say the whole night was very romantic. Pitt and I are always looking for good shows to see and I’m really glad I splurged and picked this one.


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