Everything I need to know I learned in soccer

During Bailee’s soccer game yesterday:

The ball was heading towards the goal, 4-year-olds straining their little legs to reach it and in a feat of timely coordination kick it in at least the right direction. Bailee is running in pursuit of the ball, but then stops dead in her tracks, turns to us and yells, “Cheer for me!”  Now if you know Bailee, you know that this is not simply an innocent request. So we start (and never stop) cheering her on! 

Brookelyn’s team, on which there are 3 Brookelyns in total, played a great game and Brookie actually scored 2 goals! Yay! Go Pink Panthers!

It was really fun to be back in that soccer world for a little while. I played soccer every season up until I didn’t make the LHS team, that was Godomof territory and I wasn’t one of them. The “Godomof’s” were the really good girls’ soccer team in Logan coached by Gin Manning. Although my team, The Sting, was a little jealous of their sheer size and height (yes, Katey Thompson was once taller and bigger than me) I’m sure they didn’t have as much fun as we did with Clyde. Pose! Oh, he yelled at us many, many times and even threw his clipboard more than once. It is fun to reminisce. Being on a team taught me many important lessons that are applied to life. You learn to share, to work together, even being a good sport-whether you win or lose. And best of all you learn that no matter the score mom or dad is always there at the end with a Squeeze-it and a Twinkie for the whole team.


8 responses to “Everything I need to know I learned in soccer

  • Krista

    Oh my goodness! I remember those days! We did have a lot of fun. Although you have to remember that I represented our team when we got to high school, expect too bad I could never get past the JV team! I watched as each Godomof team member moved up to Varsity while I sat comfortably with the JV team. It’s a good thing I learned to have fun from our team!

  • Marie

    Chawee Kwyde Miwna! We had an awesome team, so many fun memories!

  • Lauren

    Don’t you just love watching kids play soccer! It is so cute! Jared is playing in his first league this fall. He scored a goal on Saturday too! It is so fun…

  • Ade

    GO STING!!! Haha! Remember our turquoise shirts? I wish I had that still! Those were the days. Oh! How about my “Surprise party” at Angie’s with Clyde actually calling the restaurant to tell the team to dress warm so we didn’t get hypothermia! Haha! I miss it!

  • Aimee

    Thanks for coming down to watch the girls play soccer! You guys are awesome and always so so supportive:) We love you guys!

  • Amy

    I hope one day my kids will be able to experience a coach like Clyde! We may not have been the best team, but we were certainly the most awesome! And seriously guys, I wish you would have hit those growth spurts a little earlier in life so I didn’t have to be the ogre on our team!

  • Becky

    I don’t remember Clyde calling us at Angie’s. Sounds like him though. Ha ha!

  • Nikki

    oh fun is that! i played soccer my whole life until highschool too! I like your blog becky and pit!

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