Labor Day weekend Party

We had a good weekend and cruised up to Jackson hole with some friends. The weather was good for the first day but after that we spent a lot of time chillin in the tent. We were able to make some new friends enjoy the beauty of the area.  On saturday we ran a section of the Henry’s fork that is famous for the big waterfalls.  It was amazing.  I have looked at the falls for about 3 years and have never found the guts to do it. This time we had a great team of guys I knew I could not walk away!  The wives came for moral support and I have to say that it helped a ton.  I must say that I have the coolest wife ever. She encouraged me to drop the falls and ensured me that it was going to be sick!  Now tell me how many wives not only allow, but encourage and egg on their husband to try something like this. Becky Rocks!!!  I definitely was nervous. I have never done anything like this in my ten years of kayaking. It ended up being a good cap on a great season of paddling. Here is a basic video of the run and the big falls. 




Here are pictures from the trip and our friends that we went with. 

Andy and Monica Thunell. We stopped at Lava Hot springs to warm up on the way home after spending the night in the rain. We also got Square Ice Cream. 

These were Becky’s Partners in crime, Megan Gunnell and Monica Thunell.  Team Wife is what we call them. They all relate well to each other because they have to listen to their husbands ramble about rivers and kayaks for hours on end each summer. 

After three nights of Camping, Becky felt pretty scuzzy. But in all reality it did not bother me.  Did I mention I love my wife!   We are still trying to pack adventures in every weekend we can so if anyone has any ideas we are usually ready and willing! Just give us a call.


7 responses to “Labor Day weekend Party

  • C

    Sweet falls man! Makes my hobbies look weak! Maybe I should make a youtube video of fly-fishing for perch.

  • Aaron

    Dude! Eskimos ain’t got nothin’ on that man. That is freaking crazy! I had to watch it three times. I would have drowned just getting into the boat. You are a stud and sounds like my sister is as well. =) Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

  • Debbie

    Scott is jealous and wishes he were forty years younger…and not married. Wow from your in-laws.

  • becky

    Pitt…you’re crazy!

  • BILL [DAD]


  • The Snowman

    That was insane. We were at Lower Mesa Two weeks ago and my friends dog went for a swim right before the drop. I thought he was a goner, but he didn’t go over. You guys are absolutely crazy. Nice filming.

  • The Snowman

    There is a fun spot up Diamond Fork Canyon on a creek called Sixth Water. Where the water comes out of the pipeline from Strawberry Res there is a spillway there that kayakers ride down and then a six or seven pool stretch. Nothing crazy like Lower mesa but an enjoyable run.

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