We are running out of time

As the summer is coming to a close I feel that we need to pack every extra minute we have with a fun adventure. I am always trying to think up a new adventure and search out new experiences for us.  Anyway, here is an update and a couple of Photos. I spent a week at scout camp with my  crazy scouts. Other than the constant disrespect and lack of motivation by the scouts, There are moments that make it really fun. Plus the whole time they were in Merit Badge classes I got to hike and fish the creek near by. Dave and I spooked the biggest moose I had ever seen (and I have seen a lot of Moose). We both thought we were going to get trampled.  Here is the crew!!

This week we also picked a blazing hot day in the valley and cruised up Big cottonwood canyon and hiked to Lake Blanche. It was a nice place. I just can’t get over the amount of human traffic there is in the mountains around here. That is one thing I miss about living in Cache Valley, Perfect Mountains and minimal folks. I guess that is what you get when you live in  a big city next to amazing peaks.  Anyway, Here is Bek in a contemplative moment, I can read here mind and she is saying ” I wonder who will win on the Balance beam tonight?”

 Peace out Girl and Boy scouts!



One response to “We are running out of time

  • Dipos

    Looked like you guys had great fun at scout camp! Was Becky totally not happy over the Balance Beam? Nathan and I were screaming at the t.v.!!! (like they could hear us…) Stupid ties….and the rules that break them.

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