I am sick…

I have OLYMPIC FEVER! Anyone else? Check out the Beijing Olympic Gardens. The photos are amazing! I really wish we would have planned a trip because I’m sure Beijing is just buzzing right now. My favorite events so far have been synchronized diving and gymnastics. The men’s team final was especially awesome. The US team was so pumped up and excited! It gave me chills. Our women did great too, but didn’t have the same passion. You have to see the Chinese men on rings…very impressive. “The 29th Olympiad” as everyone is calling it this time is also a great conversation starter. Yesterday at work I had to pack a little lady’s yucky abdominal wound and we just chatted about the Olympics like nothing was wrong…it was great. Oh, I love my job. Reality shows are also a good diversion at times like that. I’m lonely this week so the TV has been my friend. Pitt is at Scout Camp for 6 days! Good luck with that one, Pitt. Gimme a call if anyone wants to hang out tomorrow-I have the day off. Otherwise I will try to attack the weeds out back. 


One response to “I am sick…

  • Aaron

    Hey Beck – Just catching up on my blog reading here. The abdominal wound comment made me put my Famous Amos Oreo-knock-off-cookie back in the bag. Yuck!

    So you should do a follow up blog post on what your take is on the Chinese taking home more gold medals than the US.

    Keep on bloggin’ in the free world! -Aaron

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