Middle Teton Triumph

I am a bit of a closet blog checker, and I am always disappointed when I take the opportunity to check on our friends and I find that they have not updated their blogs. I know I should just call and talk to them But I am one of those people that likes to see pictures and and hear the creative written descriptions that make blogs so successful.  Anyway Becky has been so busy working while I try to discover what to do with my life that our blog has suffered.  So I will try my hand updating. Just a warning, my posts will contain words such as, Dude, Rad, Gnarly and Freak a lot more than Becky’s.  Hope you can understand! Hold on tight It is going to be Gnarly Ride!!

It all started in late June. I put on a kayak race named, The Logan Downriver Dash. It was fun. It consisted of 12 competitors from all over the state and we raced down a class 4 section of river. I could not have done it with out Bek. She was great. Everyone had a great time and we hope to do it again in the future.

Pictures can be seen at Here

The Last weekend in June, we cruised up to Boise for a few days to see My sister and her family and also chill with Wil, Laur and Liam Wood. They opened a new bakery and Wil let me work for him for a couple of hours and contribute to his success. It was Rad. I am stoked for the Woods and all that they are doing. We partied every night.

One night we barbecued,




the next we had a sushi party.  

We also floated the Boise River in little rafts and pool loungers!  It was a great weekend to chill with family and see some of our best pals.  I really feel it important to stay in personal contact with our friends through trips, get togethers and events instead of through email, blogs, text messaging and all the easy stuff.  Thanks Wil and Laur for the Rad time. And thanks to Mary and Eric for the always putting us up and feeding us.

Now onto the latest blog worthy story. When I was about 15 years old, I spent a total of about two weeks in the backcountry of Grand Teton national park. I was camping and hiking with family and friends and whoever else wanted to go.  I fell in love with the tetons. I learned the names of all the peaks and valleys, the canyons and the creeks. I have returned countless times. that is one bonus of living in Logan, you are only 3 hours from one of the most beautiful places on earth. I vividly remember sitting atop a 500 foot cliff named the wall on the west side of the main peaks one summer. I looked across the high alpine valley and could see a man scrambling up the middle teton. It is not real technical, infact most routes do not require ropes, But it does require a lot of rock climbing and also a lot of glacier climbing. I knew that I wanted to do that and it went down on my life goals list (which is massive and ever changing). 

Duke, My brother who is living at the base of the Tetons this summer called me last week and and said, It is on like Donkey Kong, We are climbing the middle Teton.  I knew that this was a perfect opportunity. So I called My buddies Jax Couch and Jose Garza, and we planned the trip.

We left friday afternoon. Of course you can not go to Jackson hole and Not take your kayak if you love to paddle. It is the mecca of the west for great summertime whitewater. Jax and I took our boats and stopped on the snake river to surf on Kings Wave. We met up with Duke In Jackson and had dinner and then headed to Gros Ventre campground for a solid 4 hours of sleep. We arose at 4:30 a.m. to hit the trail. We began hiking just before the sun rose. We were all really excited and we started at a sprinters pace just trying to keep warm until the sun hit us.

Once the sun came up we were all smiles. The first 4 mile were covered in great wild flowers. Here is Jax, Jose and Duke posing.

After 4 miles of switchbacks we came to Lupine Meadows/Garnet Canyon. This is where most people camp before heading for the summit. We on the other hand are doing it in one day. The peak behind us is the Middle Teton. At this point we are about 4 hours from standing on the summit.

After hiking on snow forever, this is the last part of the climb. It is called the southwest couloir. It is a very steep climb for about 1000 vertical feet before you reach the summit. Down is the snowy valley, in the background of the picture,  you can see Iceflow lake begin to thaw. It was still all frozen over except for the edges. That lake is at about 10000 feet.

We made it to the summit in 6 hours from the time we left the car. The summit is at 12,804 feet above sea level. That is a total of appx. 6,000 vertical feet in 6 hours. That is right around a vertical mile.  The Grand Teton is in the background. That is our next adventure and we are going to take the wives on that one. So they better start eating their wheaties.

Another summit photo. This one is for our Mom and Dad. See the brotherly love here. Precious isn’t it!

The next stage was Five hours of sliding down snow and jumping down massive boulders.  This video will give you a good Idea of what it was like.   Warning: There is a picture of us above 11,000 feet in little clothing in the video. It is PG rated though.  

The total trip was 16 miles of hiking and climbing. It was definitely one of the highlights of the summer. After all this we got back in the car and drove 5 hours to SLC. Everyone was happy, there were no injuries and I was able to cross another thing off my to do list. I recommend it to anyone, but maybe do it in 2 days not 1. 

The thoughts from this trip are that the quality of the trip, no matter where it is, is enhanced by the company you choose to accompany you. Whether it is a spouse, a brother a friend or a friendly vagrant, It makes all the difference in the world. My other thought is do not use the excuse of short notice for anything. Take advantage of the moment. This trip was done in 36 hours from my driveway and back. We were able to kayak, climb camp and laugh the whole time. Make sure you are squeezing every adventure you can out of life. Trust me you will be much happier and less worried about the little things. 

So there is my blogging. It was kind of a blogging binge. That was a lot of info. I hope to talk to you all soon.  Peace in the middle east.



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